Re: afpfs

Subject: Re: afpfs
From: cdowns (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 06:36:24 MST

Jason Gallagher wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just installed yellowdog and am amazed to find that there appears
> to be no way to see/mount an Apple filesystem across an AppleTalk
> network. (The reverse, making a linux filesystem available to a network
> seems well suported with netatalk.) From what I've read, the afpfs
> kernel module is required but this is no longer being actively
> maintained and doesn't work on 2.2 kernels.
> Would anyone care to enlighten me?
> TIA.
> Jason
> --
> Jason Gallagher
> Interragate Ltd

i know there is an application called MountX which works on the macintosh
side to mount a linux partition, works really nice but i dont think it
works over a network. as far as mountting a volume over a network you
should be able to.. i guess im not sure what you asking can you clearify a
little bit what you want to do ? i just got up sorry i neeed some


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