Re: Newbie Problem Booting into YDL ONLY

Subject: Re: Newbie Problem Booting into YDL ONLY
From: Robert Vogt IV (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 08:22:32 MST


> As far as I know, the open firmware on mac's can only boot HFS, and UFS
> partitions, so you will need to have an HFS partition on which to put
> yaboot and yaboot.conf and the kernel, but that partition can be pretty
> small, not sure how small, I do recall reading something about this in the
> YDL Install guide, so maybe check there.
    I believe this is incorrect. Our corporate web servers (G4/400's) all
run YDL and read the yaboot files from the HFS+ partition on the primary


                            Robert Vogt IV

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