Re: yup -> no USB kbd, no cd, no sound

Subject: Re: yup -> no USB kbd, no cd, no sound
From: Sam Moore (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 20:46:11 MST

Did it upgrade the kernel? If so you have to manually move the vmlinux file into
the mac partition (wherever it is you're keeping your kernels) and select that
kernel at startup - yup won't do it for you.

On 12/14/00 at 9:31 PM, a.s.hodel@Eng.Auburn.EDU (A S Hodel) wrote:

> This question is in part addressed by the USB discussion, but my problem is
> a bit more widespread.
> I ran yup this week to upgrade the packages I'd installed from YDL CS 1.2.
> I'm using a 1999 Powerbook G3. Once yup was done, sound no longer worked
> (there are two FAILED messages at boot-up related to unlocated dmasound
> modules), the CD-ROM on the powerbook is no longer recognized ("File format
> iso 9660 not recognized" or something like that), and my usb keyboard is no
> longer supported (error message something like "conflicting modules"). I
> suspect that there is some miscommunication between the old kernel version
> on YDL CS 1.2 and that installed by yup.
> So I either need to
> (a) be instructed on how to fix these gaps in the configuration, or
> (b) re-install off of the original cd's and forget about upgrading for
> awhile.
> Suggestions on either direction are welcomed. [ Sadly, I'm not a
> Linux-savvy as I probably ought to be, but I'm just trying to put together a
> more stable scientific computing environment than I had under MacOS/MachTen
> Unix. ]
> Thanks in advance,
> Scotte
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