How is YDL...?

Subject: How is YDL...?
From: Mike M. (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 15:08:12 MST

Hey All,
        Stupid subject...hehe...but I'm serious. I'm a Linux
Newbie and also a Macintosh user. I've really wanted
to get into Linux for some time now. I have a Rev B.
iMac (350MHZ G3, 128mb RAM, Rage 128). I originally
purchased LinuxPPC 2000 only to be seriously
dissapointed (Installation problems, couldn't get
accelerated video to work, and sound was
non-existent). I've been looking for a good
distribution and I think YDL (Champion Server 1.2.1)
might be it. So, down to the real is
it? Do you users of it like it? Does it work well?
Are any of you using it successfully of an iMac
(because Linux seems to be a little more troublesome
to get working properly on an iMac)? Any help would
be greatly appreciated!


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