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Subject: Re: How is YDL...?
From: Sam Moore (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 18:31:19 MST

Personally I find YDL the most professional and reliable of the various Linuces
for PPC. I too gave up on LinuxPPC after having install trouble (though I hear
it's improved). This is not to say YDL is perfect, but the learning experience
isn't completely roadblocked, and people are quite helpful here on this list.
FWIW, I've installed on one 333Mhz iMac and two 7500's (one of which has an 8500
daughtercard in it) with no real hardware problems. Successfully using Apache,
PHP, PostFix, QPopper, OpenSSH, KDE2 (well, success here is relative...),
Helix-GNOME, Java, Python and lots of other fun stuff.
In general a spirit of adventure is called for, as well as some patience when
the Latest and Greatest doesn't reach our platform the same day as it does x86.
Have you looked at
Also have a look at CNET's review at Oh hell, just follow the link from
the bottom of the imaclinux page (^&*$#@ long URL's!)

Good luck.

On 12/18/00 at 2:08 PM, (Mike M.) wrote:

> Hey All,
> Stupid subject...hehe...but I'm serious. I'm a Linux
> Newbie and also a Macintosh user. I've really wanted
> to get into Linux for some time now. I have a Rev B.
> iMac (350MHZ G3, 128mb RAM, Rage 128). I originally
> purchased LinuxPPC 2000 only to be seriously
> dissapointed (Installation problems, couldn't get
> accelerated video to work, and sound was
> non-existent). I've been looking for a good
> distribution and I think YDL (Champion Server 1.2.1)
> might be it. So, down to the real is
> it? Do you users of it like it? Does it work well?
> Are any of you using it successfully of an iMac
> (because Linux seems to be a little more troublesome
> to get working properly on an iMac)? Any help would
> be greatly appreciated!
> -Mike
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