NFS server problems

Subject: NFS server problems
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 12:59:19 MST

I have a YDL (ppc linux) nfs server kernel. Client is SUSE x86 box. Am
exporting slashcode dir to x86 box. After a couple of minuites I get the
message in logs:

Dec xx 22:44:29 heretic kernel: nfs: task nnn can't get a request clot

(where xx is a date and nnn is a nfs task number) And the process (ie
'ls') locks.

The sourceforge NFS page says:

> kernel: nfs: task 10754 can't get a request slot
> kernel: nfs: server OK
> A. The "can't get a request slot" message means that the client-side RPC
> has detected a lot of timeouts (perhaps due to network congestion,
perhaps due
> to an overloaded server), and is throttling back the number of
> outstanding requests in an attempt to lighten the load.
> Causes:
> * Network congestion
> * Overloaded server
> * Packets (input or output) dropped by a bad NIC or driver....

However this is not at all (yet) a high volume machine.

Any ideas??

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