Azerty Users & Sound Card on pb3400c

Subject: Azerty Users & Sound Card on pb3400c
From: Bregt Swinnen (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 04:39:12 MST

Hi all,

Last weekend I installed YellowDogLinux and it all looks great!
But, ... :-)
        I also got some problems with the configuration.

I'm working on a azerty keyboard, first it did not work but somehow i fixed
In the console all the key's are working fine but under X-windows the
backspace key acts like a delete button.
Is there a way to fix this? (maybe in the keymap file, but what do i have to

The other question:
The laptop I installed yellowDogLinux on is a PowerBook 3400c
Are there any users in the house with the same machine and a working sound
configuration. In redhat there is a tool 'sndconfig'. I can't find it in
yld. Is there also a tool to configure the soundcard or is the only way by
compiling the kernel? I'm not realy waiting to compile a new kernel as long
as i'm new to the 'mac on linux' thing.

Greetz, Bregt

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