YDL2 request -

Subject: YDL2 request -
From: Stefan Jeglinski (jeglin@4pi.com)
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 06:48:29 MST

With the news that Ani is going to be updating the xfree86-pmac
drivers in the next 2 weeks, can you hold off on YDL2.0 long enough
to try to incorporate his changes? If of course nothing is broken in
the process.

Assuming that Hollis has presumably gotten some good feedback on his
XF401 rpms, it appears likely that YD will be including them as
default on YDL2. Seems like the latest drivers would be a nice bonus.

Personally, I'd prefer to wait a bit more for the added benefit.
'course, I don't know what the release schedule is supposed to be

My 2 cents.

Stefan Jeglinski

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