Re: Boot problem

Subject: Re: Boot problem
From: Jonathan Bertsch (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 09:59:45 MST

> When I boot, yaboot loads fine, but when I press <enter> at the 'boot:'
> prompt I get:
> WARNING ! default_read called !
> not a valid ELF image
> WARNING ! default_close called !

Does your yaboot.conf file point to the kernel? If you are using yaboot it
is best to first put the kernel where yaboot it, and later copy the kernel
to /boot and set yaboot to boot from that location. The part of the
yaboot.conf file that points to the kernel images goes as follows:

image=hd:9,vmlinux <--- where the # is whatever partition the kernel is on

label=linux <--- the name of this configuration, when you hit tab it says

root=/dev/hda9 <--- wherever the root partition is

and then somathing like "append " something

I don't know anything about all the ///// and the like, so try and keep it
simple like above. Hope this help, if not I try again...

Jonathan Bertsch

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