RE: CGI and Cumulus

Subject: RE: CGI and Cumulus
From: Eichenbaum, Larry (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 11:48:54 MST


I do believe you nailed it.

Last question... while I have requested the developer to ideally recompile,
or optionally, send me the source so I could recompile... is there a method
to decompile a CGI for Intel such that I could recompile for PowerPC?


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> I am experiencing a problem when attempting to run a
compiled CGI program
> (?). To the best of my experience, my install (v1.3) of
Apache seems to be
> running fine (both at serving html and CGI) for the most
part. I run a UBB
> (Ultimate Bulletin Board) without problem. This board runs
many CGIs
> successfully. I have also made several test files
(including POST commands)
> based on tutorials on the web. All seems fine.
> Using Cumulus5, there is a CGI called cuwp_cgi. Whereas
all the other .cgi
> or .pl files list as acsii, or PERL commands text, this
particular cgi lists
> as a ELF 32-bit LSB executable (using file command).

                LSB? Intel, perhaps? You can't run programs compiled for
Intel on a


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