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Subject: Re: PM8500 NIC
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Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 08:34:56 MST

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Subject: Re: PM8500 NIC

> It uses the MACE driver, which is built in to your kernel and not a module
> at all.
> I suspect you're trying to use linuxconf, which I would not recommend.
> If so, please run /usr/sbin/netconfig instead.
> -Hollis

You are correct, I am using linuxconf.

I now have question about builtin drivers and modules. Last night I setup
eth0 to use the tulip module (using linuxconf) and it had network access. My
question is if the mace driver is built in will the kernel use that over the
tulip module? I never have had nic drivers compiled into the kernel, I
always recompile for nic modules on my intel boxes.


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