Re: Router configuration problems

Subject: Re: Router configuration problems
From: Iain Stevenson (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 16:34:13 MST

Thanks Peter,

I seem to have got things going through using dhcpcd for the dhcp part and
updating the ipchains.


on 21/12/00 12:35 am, Peter M. Bagnall at wrote:

>> I've just had ADSL installed by BT. It terminates on a router so there's no
>> PPP involved - just DHCP (to get the address from the router). If I use an
>> iBook to get an address assigned I can ping the router from my linux box
>> using that address.
>> The problem is:
>> - how do I get the linux box to request an IP address from the ADSL router
>> (via eth0, eth1 is my home network) - I can't seem to get DHCP to work - a
>> tcpdump on eth0 suggests its trying bootp
> Ok, I've got almost exactly the same setup that you want. So
> hopefully I should be able to help! Do you have X running on the
> linux box? If so run a utility called netcfg. It's an X config tool.
> There's a tab for interfaces. Switch to that and tell eth0 to use
> DHCP or BOOTP as appropriate. Activate the interface. That should be
> all you need to do there if I remember right. You might want to do a
> ifconfig after to check that eth0 is up and has an IP address.
>> - how do I set up the routing table once I have a connection. I want to use
>> the linux box as a server on but route external traffic to
>> ADSL on 192.168.254.x
> Note that 192.168.x. is a series of unrouted networks. A router may
> not route traffic out from or into one of these networks. My home
> network is on 192.168.0. as I suspect is true for many people on this
> list. If those networks were routed half the planet would have the
> same IP address and all hell would break lose! Instead what you need
> to do is use IP masquerading, or IP MASQ. I'd have to look up the
> details of how I set this up, But if your kernel has IP MASQ compiled
> in it's relatively easy. I did all this in RedHat box, which does
> have IP MASQ in by default. I'm not sure that YellowDog does so it's
> likely you'll need to compile a kernel (not something I've done
> successfully yet!).
> A search on Google should get you there. If you need more I'll dig
> around for you. (I'm in MacOS at the moment)
> I hope that's helpful
> Pete

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