XFree86/Xpmac Question...

Subject: XFree86/Xpmac Question...
From: Mike M. (satori103@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 09:39:09 MST

Hey All,
        I am among the PPC Linux (LinuxPPC 2000 specifically)
users who are trying to get accelerated video in X
with their Rage 128 card. I've tried tons of kernel
arguements, Xconfigurator (I've fooled with it so much
that I fried my X server and I think I gotta
re-install), and lots of other little tweaks that I
found in newsgroup postings. Nothing seems to work =(
 But I did hear on a newsgroup somewhere that maybe my
X server is using XFree86 instead of Xpmac. I know
that my system is capable of getting accerlerated
video in X because the installer loaded up XPmac and
everything and it looked great...in the installer. I
guess my question comes down to...how do I get my X
server to use Xpmac instead of XFree86? Thanks in

- Mike

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