Xfree86 4.01 problem

Subject: Xfree86 4.01 problem
From: Iain Stevenson (iain@IainStevenson.com)
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 15:00:09 MST

Hollis & list,

I tried to install XFree86 4.01 this evening using Hollis' RPMs and Stefan's
instructions (but not the kernel upgrade - yet). It seemed to go fairly
well except:

- the RPM for xdm may be broken - it says there's corruption when I try and
load it

Stefan's intstructions state that Xautoconfig4 produces
/etc/X11/Xautocofig-4 when it actually produces XF86Config-4. I feel
sheepish pointing this out - Stefan's instructions are so good :-).

I can't yet get X to start - I have a Rage Orion and the config file does
not appear to be building correctly.


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