Xautoconfig 0.12

Subject: Xautoconfig 0.12
From: philippe tapon (philippe@ufoh.com)
Date: Sat Dec 23 2000 - 12:16:43 MST

Hollis and Co.----

This is a cool piece of code. I'd been trying to get X 4.01 to work in 800x600 for weeks
(!?) and this generated an almost working XF86Config in 0.087s. I did have to hand-tune a
few things. Here they are in the order in which they appear in the XF86Config----

-- the font paths it came up with, "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/local/" etc., didn't point
to real font paths. ("Could not find default font 'fixed.'") I generated my X from
source; perhaps it's expecting RH package configurations. I think I'm just going to copy
my old X 3.3.6 fonts into my new X 4.01 /lib. For now I just changed X11R6 to X11R6.3,
where the fonts were.

-- the modelines it generated

         HorizSync 28-50
         VertRefresh 43-75

caused a total blackscreen when I launched X. (No error message.) I copied my modelines
from my old X 3.3.6 XF86Config and they worked fine.

   HorizSync 58-62
   VertRefresh 50-130

-- It came up with a BusID for the Rage 128 card of 0:0:0. This I had to change to
0:16:0. (The XFree86.log turns up with the "BusID not found" error message.)

-- (trivial) The Meta key mapping is a little odd, as far as kikbd is concerned. Not
worth worrying about....

There are some subtle touches that worked well. The mousewheel works exactly as it
should; it didn't in X 3.3.6; this is so fine!

(There is one odd thing, which has nothing to do with Xautoconfig. Sometimes the letters
(menus and tabs and what not) appear scratchy, fuzzy, or illegible. Passing over them
with the mouse, or selecting them, usually cleans them up. I've noticed this is a problem
with the console, with ghost characters appearing after the typed ones. I wonder how to
solve this. X 3.3.6 doesn't have this problem in the slightest.)

thanks so much for this piece of code.



machine: iMac DV SE, 1999 ed. (Rage 128)
kernel: 2.2.17pre20-ben3
boot arguments: append="video=aty128fb:vmode:16,cmode:24"
X11 4.01 compiled from source
keyboard: kiddie
mouse: 3-button Logitech wheel

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