Re: Getting XF4.01, linux 2.2.18 and a Rage Orion working on a 9600

Subject: Re: Getting XF4.01, linux 2.2.18 and a Rage Orion working on a 9600
From: Tom Rini (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 14:14:27 MST

On Tue, Dec 26, 2000 at 08:45:42PM +0000, Iain Stevenson wrote:

> The 9600/200 has the graphics card in a dedicated slot. Unfortunately, this
> is not recognised by Xautoconfig4 which produces an XF86Config-4 configuring
> the frame buffer device (fbdev) for graphics and including the line:
> BusID "PCI:0:0:0"

Arg. The problem is the 9600/9500/8600/8500/7500 have a "funky" PCI controller
and Linux can't usually see whats behind it. Thus Xautoconfig4 (and lspci,
and /proc/pci) don't know where things are. I'll have the next version let
people know it can't figure out the BusID.

> which causes X to crash. Removing this line will allow X to start with the
> frame buffer. I did a "cat /proc/pci" and this does not show the graphics
> card - raising the question of whether any 9600 (or similar) model will
> configure with the new X correctly.

It's a toss up, unfortunatly.

> The solution was to put the original IMSTT card back in the graphics slot
> and to install the Rage Orion in a standard pci slot. It is then recognised
> correctly. XF86Config-4 should contain:

You _should_ be able to get away w/ just the Rage Orion in a standard PCI slot
(as long as it's one of the higher-up ones).
> Where 'x' varies depending on your machine (it's 14 on mine) and is found
> from the results of the "cat /proc/pci" command. The Rage Orion is
> recognised and gives accelerated video (cool!). I've included the
> XF86Config at the end of this message.

Xautoconfig should also be able to generate a valid config file, once this
is done.

> kernel 2.2.18
> =============
> I built a stock 2.2.18 kernel from I configured USB support as
> required for the input layer - even though there is no USB on my mac.

This should be fixed for 2.2.19 (I just checked in the fix to the 2.2 bk tree).

> I
> enabled HID and ADB support (an extract from my config file is included at
> the end). The kernel built and installed with no problems. I edited the
> XF86Config-4 as appropriate to use the new input layer.

Again, Xautoconfig should be able to set this up automagically correct,
_if_ /etc/sysconfig/{keyboard,mouse} are setup correctly. mouse should have
MOUSETYPE=imps2 and XMOUSETYPE=IMPS/2, keyboard should have KEYBOARDTYPE="pc"

> #
> # USB support
> #
These two can be N, if you don't have USB in the machine.
As can this
> # CONFIG_USB_WACOM is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_WMFORCE is not set
> # CONFIG_INPUT_JOYDEV is not set

But these are needed.

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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