Re: 2.2.18 & non-working kbd

Subject: Re: 2.2.18 & non-working kbd
From: andu (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 10:44:43 MST

>There's some sort of config bug in 2.2.18 that won't allow you to use a
>USB kbd unless the ADB stuff is also compiled in. That may be fixed in

The general state of the new kernels is deplorable both in 2.2.x and 2.4.0. I didn't touch
anything on YDL in a while but on RH (i386) I had to go through 4-5 kernels in an attempt
to get 4 different usb devices working at the same time and I failed (after all this time of
having usb devices around us on both macs and PCs). Meantime I found several other
"features" of the kernel broken (kernel doesn't compile or I see kernel errors during
startup). Meantime the kernels keep on growing and changing.
Is competence dead?


Regards, Andu

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