Xautoconfig 0.13

Subject: Xautoconfig 0.13
From: Tom Rini (trini@kernel.crashing.org)
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 13:03:40 MST

Hey all, I've fixed/tweaked Xautoconfig a bit more, and hopefully
squashed more bugs.
New in 0.13:
  Should work on non-redhat like systems now (By asking for info).

  Only use the fontservers, but have direct font paths available.
  Comment out v4l module.
  Use the right keymap on old-style keycodes.
  Use HWCursor if possible (X4).
  init script (from Jeff Carr, off by default).
  Fix a typo if /etc/sysconfig/mouse exists but isn't correct
    Spotted by Stefan Jeglinski <jeglin@4pi.com>
  For the fbdev driver (X4) mention Option fbdev /dev/fbX (This _may_
    help cards which we can't find a BusID for, but are showing up as
    a framebuffer. They will still need the BusID line commented out.)

Possibly other things I forget now too.

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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