Error on yaboot

Subject: Error on yaboot
From: Stephen Oachs (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 18:15:32 MST

When I boot from the YDL CD, I get that black screen with blue/teal

It says:


Welcome to yaboot version 0.8
Wrong partition 1 signature
Config file read, 556 bytes

Welcome to Yellow Dog Linux!
Hit <TAB> for boot options.



If I hit enter, or type 'install' it says:

Loading Kernel...
Wrong partition 1 signature
Loading ramdisk...
Wrong partition 1 signature

...then it goes to the install screen. However, I think this is my problem
since I have been completely unsuccessful at installing YDL on an iMac. I
get through the set up to the point that is says "Scanning packages...".

It does this for a minute or so, then it says: "error reading header at

I've retried a few times and once in awhile the error changes to "error
reading header at 10133504".

I think it is not seeing the Mac partition to read the kernel and the image
that the tutorial says to copy to the system folder. I made completely sure
that the Mac partition is HFS, not HFS+.

This is my first Linux experience so give me the 1st grade version of a fix!

Any help/ideas/points in the right direction desperately needed.


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