iBook X configuration

Subject: iBook X configuration
From: Harris Scott R CIV AFRL/SNJM (Scott.Harris@wpafb.af.mil)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 09:43:23 MST

I looked through the archives and couldn't find an answer
so I'm posting here.

I've installed YDL 1.2 on my orange iBook and everything is fine, but I
get more than 8 bpp under X.

When I run Xconfigurator, there is no option to specify an iBook, although
two types
of PowerBook G3 are listed. Is there an updated version somewhere? What am I
doing wrong?

Could I see a copy of somebody's XF86Config and their corresponding yaboot

I think most people end up copying working configuration files and as a
result only
a few people really understand X configuration. Where can I go to get
educated? I'd much
rather spend some time learning what's going on so I can help others.

Any pointers to working config files and especially relevant documentation
for X on portable Macs
would be greatly appreciated.


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