Re: Yaboot madness and intrigues - please help.

Subject: Re: Yaboot madness and intrigues - please help.
From: Hollis R Blanchard (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 11:54:34 MST

On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Adam Attarian wrote:
> Two IDE Hard Drives. HDA has all of the linux stuff on it, with root at
> hda11, scratch at hda12. Also on HDA are an HFS+ and an HFS partition, at
> hda9 and hda10, respectively. On the HFS+ partition is a VERY minimal system
> folder.
> HDB is just by itself, and it is my primary MacOS Drive.
> On the root level of HFS+ (hda9), are:
> yaboot
> vmlinux
> yaboot.conf
> bootscript
> The yaboot.conf file:

> image = hd:9,\\\\vmlinux
> label = linux
> [/snip]
> Now, with what I have so far, is anything configured correctly?

No. You said you put those files in the root level of your hard disk, but in
your yaboot.conf you've specified the System Folder ('\\\\').

> I want to dual boot this machine, and I made the change to the bootscript
> per YDL's instructions. Where ever there is a hd:, [,] I am never sure
> whether or not I should put a number there, and if so, which number I should
> put.

The number can't hurt as long as you know it. For people who don't know it
it's generally not necessary.

> Like, for now, lets do a linux machine. Pure and simple. I'll worry about
> the dualboot later...I can just zap the pram for now.
> At OF, should I enter setenv boot-device hd:11,\\\\yaboot (9 or 11?) And
> does it matter which drive (hda vs. hdb) I am starting up from?

hd:9,\\yaboot (TWO backslashes in OF).


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