yaboot will not work on iboot

Subject: yaboot will not work on iboot
From: Elliott Peterson (petersoe@dickinson.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 21:50:32 MST

I have an ibook computer. Searching the archives I have realized that
apparently many people with ibooks have problems with getting this set up
right. I have tried all the advice i could find, all the OF instructions
that i could find. Right now I have a partitioned drive in HDA format, with
the system folder and yaboot.conf, yaboot and vmlinux files all resting at
9, linux is installed at 10 with the swap partition at 11. unfortunetly,
this does not work and no amount of tweaking with the bootscript or OF has
worked. How do i get it so that i can dual boot this system, or even get
into linux? Thanks for any advice I can get.

Elliott Peterson
Dickinson College

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