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Subject: Re: Need help with X Window
From: Steve Poole (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 20:46:28 MST

You did not say if 24bit worked and if 8,16,24 were set in your config file.
shutdown -h now from root will shut down the system or init 0.


At 10:58 PM 02/07/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi. I'm new to YDL. I was wondering if anyone has a working version of
>Xconfig-3 because my X Windows wouldn't work on my PowerBook 3400. It works
>fine with 8-bit, but won't run when its on 16-bit. Its running on a 200 Mhz,
>48 Meg Mac. Tried lot of things with XConfigurator, but that doesn't seem to
>work either. I've been on 8-bit mode using the 99 PowerBook G3 Series, but
>it won't work when on 16-bit. By the way, how do u shutdown the computer
>from the root? What is the command?
>Thanks a lot,
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