Re: YDL/xfs (X) question

Subject: Re: YDL/xfs (X) question
From: Stefan Jeglinski (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 18:38:58 MST

>I am using YDL 1.2, kernel 2.2.17-something or other (latest release from
>yup). I seem to have mangled my configuration so that I cannot use X
>unless I am connected to an ethernet cable. Symptoms: when booting
>as a stand-alone machine, three daemon processes take a long time to
>- sendmail (which I need to turn off anyway),
>- xfs,and
>- linuxconf (which I think I may want to turn off too).

sendmail, anyway, is trying to do a name lookup and takes a long time
to time-out (with no ethernet you are not connected, and you can't
get to a DNS server...)

You need a [filled out] /etc/hosts file.

>When logged in, I type in startx and simply wait. Nothing happens until I
>press CTRL-C, and then I am returned to the Linux prompt. I don't
>know enough about these processes to give a more intelligent problem
>description, so if further detail is needed, feel free to tell me
>what details are required.
>Any help here would be much appreciated.

I didn't know that X or xfs needed to do a lookup as well. But try
the hosts file, it will probably improve things greatly.

Stefan Jeglinski

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