RE: Unresolved (module) symbols at boot time

Subject: RE: Unresolved (module) symbols at boot time
From: Isak Lyberth (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 04:32:22 MST

When you make the modules and install them they are copied to
The 'make modules_install' doesent delete the old modules and thats why
there are some unresolved modules.
Because old modules are there.
Here is what i did:
First make the kernel
make modules
move the /lib/modules/kernelnumber folder to somewhere safe
make modules_install
copy '' from the source folder to /bin/
point the link '/bin/ to the new System.make-kernelnumber file

Do not remove the modules for the original kernel (in CS 1.2.1 thats kernel
2.2.15) as it seems that it uses those for some bootup process

Good luck

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From: Edward Lewis []
Sent: 14. februar 2001 11:34
Subject: Unresolved (module) symbols at boot time

I built a new kernel (details below), and when I boot it, I get a bunch of
messages like this (from /var/log/messages):

>depmod: depmod:
>depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.2.17-0.6.1/net/8390.o
>depmod: depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
>depmod: depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in

What can I do to resolve the symbols? The full list of files involved
(written this way to avoid line wrapping):

/misc/ip_gre.o, ip_masq_autofw.o, ip_masq_mfw.o , ip_masq_portfw.o, ipip.o
/pcmcia/3c574_cs.o, 3c575_cb.o, 3c589_cs.o, epic_cb.o, fmvj18x_cs.o ,
/pcmcia/memory_cs.o, netwave_cs.o, nmclan_cs.o, pcnet_cs.o, smc91c92_cs.o
/pcmcia/tulip_cb.o, wavelan_cs.o, xirc2ps_cs.o

The details:
Platform is a 1999 Powerbook (Wall Street), dual booting MacOS8.6 and
Linux. (I had LinuxPPC 2000 on it, but couldn't get IPv6 to work.)

The new kernel was built cheifly to add IPv6, I did add a bunch of other
networking features. I don't recall adding any pcmcia support. The kernel
boots, IPv6 seems to work inspite of the messages.

I updated the vmlinux and in / and the vmlinux is in the right
MacOS folder.

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