RE: Unresolved (module) symbols at boot time

Subject: RE: Unresolved (module) symbols at boot time
From: Edward Lewis (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 11:40:00 MST

Thanks - I think this solved my problems. I did a clean rebuild of the
kernel but made sure /lib/modules was empty before the make
modules_install. After that the complaints went away.

The reason for the "I think" is that I removed some modules that I didn't
really need in the rebuild. I did keep the IPv6 and it seems to be working

At 6:32 AM -0500 2/15/01, Isak Lyberth wrote:
>When you make the modules and install them they are copied to
>The 'make modules_install' doesent delete the old modules and thats why
>there are some unresolved modules.
>Because old modules are there.
>Here is what i did:
>First make the kernel
>make modules
>move the /lib/modules/kernelnumber folder to somewhere safe
>make modules_install
>copy '' from the source folder to /bin/
>point the link '/bin/ to the new System.make-kernelnumber file
>Do not remove the modules for the original kernel (in CS 1.2.1 thats
>kernel 2.2.15) as it seems that it uses those for some bootup process

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