MediaOne Cable Modem -- Won't Work

Subject: MediaOne Cable Modem -- Won't Work
From: Curts (
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 09:55:37 MST

I have gone through the install for YellowDog, and everything seems fine.

I can't get my cable modem working though...
This is a list of what i've tried:

 - Manually installing DHCP and DHCPCD from the cdrom and running them
directly (didn't work)

 - Attempting to push connectivity with ifconfig (didn't work)

 - Running YDL Setup and re-configuring Network Options (didn't work)

 - Shut off other daemons (lpd, sendmail) (didn't work)

 - Configuring through the redhat tool 'netcfg' (didn't work)

 - Trying to use Static IP information, including dns and subnet mask
(didn't work)

Anyways... I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion. This is the only
error message I've seen:

eth0 PHY reset timeout !
eth0 WARNING ! Can't find PHY

What is PHY? It's apparently what is stopping me from getting connectivity.


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