Problem with installing Yellow Dog Linux for PPC (Mac)

Subject: Problem with installing Yellow Dog Linux for PPC (Mac)
From: Tobias Bohlin (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 18:29:32 MST

Howdy list. I am new in here. My problem:
>I can't install mkLinux on my Power Macintosh 6100/60AV. I added "Boot
>extensions" from the CD into the addons folder. Additionally, I added Apple
>CD-rom extension and removed all the others (e.g. QuickTime, Acrobat etc),
>as I figured they shouldn't be necessary (?). The computer crashes with all
>the extensions available in the addons folder. This happens when one clicks
>the BootX-icon (start file). When you have only boot extensions and Apple
>CD-rom in the addons folder, it won't boot (doesn't like the add-on). I
>tried with only that addon and with Apple CD-rom (I thought it might be
>necessary to have the latter to be able to boot the machine from CD-rom,
>I suppose Linux has its own methods for that?)
>Anyway, what I'd like to do is to format the hard drive and install only
>mkLinux. My distribution is called Yellow Dog Linux and seems to be a
>server-only dist (possible?). I truly hope for tips! It says something in
>the documentation about having to configure screen resolution etc. Hmm, do
>they mean with apple control panel or in the folder that installs itself
>into the hard drive when you click BootX on the CD. By the way, when you've
>done that, you're supposed to click the BootX-icon on the hard drive (the
>folder). Such is the nature of the installation it seems. To summarize, I
>can't boot with the boot extensions-file in the addons folder. Different
>numbers of addons (without the extension file) give the various results I
>described above.
>Best regards
>Tobias Bohlin
>IT Consultant
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