Re: New Thread: ethernet and Shaw Cable

Subject: Re: New Thread: ethernet and Shaw Cable
From: Gordon Neault (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 08:28:27 MST

"What is missing is my connection to a cable modem connected to the Shaw

Hello Don. First of all I should state that I am new to Linux and am at the
point where I am considering an installation package, but have not yet made
any decisions or installations.
However, I have some experience configuring Shaw@home on my Mac. The system
I have at home involves an installation by Shaw on a networked Wintel
machine; I am assuming that your Mac was configured by the Shaw tech and
you are using the supplied browser.
When I configured the Mac using a standard MS version of IE5 I had to go
through these steps. This browser is configured in software to find certain
settings which are usually hidden. Typical addresses in the configured
browser are such things as .mail and .news. You should ping these addresses
to get the "real" addresses and use them to configure settings for mail,
news and the Excite Canada/Shaw home pages.
For example instead of .mail you should configure the mail server with a
name like (my example, yours will be
different). When referring to your return address for mail something like
" is OK.

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