Re: Logitech Mouseman ADB mouse?

Subject: Re: Logitech Mouseman ADB mouse?
From: Mike Milenkovic (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 16:09:36 MST


I've got a similar problem. I too installed YDL 1.2.1 on my Beige G3 300.
All appears well with the exception of my cursor/mouse. The cursor seems
stuck at the top edge of the screen and no matter how I move it, it bounces
right back to the top. I installed the standard Apple mouse driver. Any
ideas on how I can move to the next level and actually work with this great

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Subject: Logitech Mouseman ADB mouse?

> I've just done a fresh install of Yellowdog CS 1.2.1 on my 7600. I have an
> old Logitech Mouseman (corded) 3 button mouse (ADB). When I installed, I
> chose "ADB 3-button" as my mouse.
> X (KDE) doesn't seem to like this. The left button works at first, but
> gets "stuck" (e.g., if I run AbiWord, every time I press the left mouse
> button, it tries to resize the AbiWord window). The other buttons have
> similar weirdness.
> Has anyone gotten a Mouseman to work properly with YDL 1.2.1? Suggestions?
> Geoff

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