RE: iBook 466 SE, and some problems

Subject: RE: iBook 466 SE, and some problems
From: Harris Scott R CIV AFRL/SNJM (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 09:08:33 MST

I had the same problem with the mouse. The manual says that if the
installer crashes at the mouse configuration it means you don't have
a big enough root partition. Anyhow, making / bigger and installing a
minimal system fixed my problem. How big are your partitions? The
recommended sizes
in the manual are a bit on the small size.

I wasn't able to get X working on my iBook with YD, so I switched to
LinuxPPC Q4. If you
get it working, let me know. I'm trying to get XFree86 4.0.2 working right

I've got an original iBook, so my video is Mach64, not Rage128. This makes
difference when you set up X. I end up using Xpmac on my portables instead


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From: Ryan Powers []
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2001 10:39 AM
Subject: iBook 466 SE, and some problems

I got a copy of CS 1.2 from a friend. YDL's website says that the iBooks are
officially supported, but I've had nothing but problems.

First Problem: iBook shuts off loading kernel after displayiong something
what I think is pmac_ide.
Solution: I got kernel 2.2.15pre19 from Paulus' website.

Second Problem: During install, after copying the files, the mouse
configurator fails. If I run this seperately from within YDL it gives a
Solution: ?

Third Problem: X setup fails because the mouse is not configured
Solution: Fix problem 2

I've seen mention of power failure randomly, but that's not this, and I've
read of people have the kernel sit where it says booting... and the only
time I ever got a problem like what was when I had the append="video....
statement in the yaboot.conf file.

I heard a mention of having to set some adb_xpmac_compat in the kernel args
to use the trackpad, but when i put that in the append="" statement, it sits
at booting...

I'm probably doing something wrong, because I'm can get around linux but up
untill I got my laptop back, I've never had a system I can put it on.

I appreciate any help, and please email a direct response to
I prefer direct communication, and I don't have much time to look through


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