Re: YDL on Performa 6500/180

Subject: Re: YDL on Performa 6500/180
From: Donn (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 12:35:49 MST

Paul Grantham wrote:
> Joe, I had the same problem on G3. I down loaded the Bootx on the
> internet. It works fine. (YDL's distribution on CDROM seems to have
> a problem.)
> Joe DiFerio wrote:
> > I am new to mac's but not new to Linux. I seem to be having a
> > problem with the bootx-1.2.2.sea file. When I try to run it I get
> > an error -39. I was wondering if anyone can help me? ThanksJoe

Drag the icon for the .sea file over the icon for the Stuffit Expander
icon instead of just double clicking on it. Otherwise, check to make
sure that you have at least version 5.5 of Expander...

Donn Tarris

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