RE: Can't install Linux on PPC (Mac)

Subject: RE: Can't install Linux on PPC (Mac)
From: Pete Peters (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 18:45:27 MST

Supposedly, someone has gotten the monolithic kernel to install on NuBus
Macs, but I believe it's a lot of work and some of the functionality ain't
there yet. Sorry, don't have the particulars. Just remember seeing someone
post that info a while back. For sure, Yellow Dog doesn't install on NuBus

>Of course, you could theoretically download the mklinux kernel and
bootloader and use them with the YDL ramdisk. Unfortunately, I think MkLinux
is still at 2.0.3x, and the installer may make 2.2-specific assumptions
>(about /proc for example). It's worth a shot I guess...

Yes, the MkLinux is still at 2.0.3x kernel, so the YDL installer will puke.
However, once it's up and running, I think you should be able to swap in a
monolithic kernel.

Tobias, I recommend that you subscribe to the MkLinux group
<> and/or check out the
MkLinux web site <>. Lotsa good folks there running
MkLinux on 6100's.



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