Re: New Thread: ethernet and Shaw Cable

Subject: Re: New Thread: ethernet and Shaw Cable
From: Donn (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 23:47:08 MST

Gordon Neault wrote:
> "What is missing is my connection to a cable modem connected to the Shaw
> >system."
> However, I have some experience configuring Shaw@home on my Mac. The system
> I have at home involves an installation by Shaw on a networked Wintel
> machine; I am assuming that your Mac was configured by the Shaw tech and
> you are using the supplied browser...

Thank you Gordon, but I actually have no problem whatsoever on
configuring for Shaw Cable on my Mac while operating under MacOS, and
didn't use their tech nor their supplied browser.
The difficulty as I see it is that I can set up my machine as both a
server and client while operating under Linux. There are many more
settings to configure, including the connection to the ethernet card
itself and this is where I have some confusion. I'm also dealing with a
few different methods of entering through the different interfaces.
Perhaps my best way would be to get a listing of the affected files that
contain the necessary information and where they should reside so that I
could tweak to my particular setup.
I'm learning a fair amount each day on this, but it still comes slowly.
The day I can connect to the "outside" world and call up another using
Netscape, or get and send email, will be a grand day that I look forward to...

Any help from any kind souls on this one would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a question for all on the list. Why are you using your Mac
operating in Linux, and are you using it on just one partition, or do
you have your entire machine running primarily as a Linux machine with
something like MOL for the MacOS stuff?

Thank you all!
Donn "learning to crawl" Tarris
Maple Ridge, BC

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