Re: Switching from BootX to yaboot

Subject: Re: Switching from BootX to yaboot
From: Paul J. Lucas (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 20:39:17 MST

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Graham Leggett wrote:

> After upgrading MacOS on my system to v9.1, I can no longer use BootX to
> boot Linux on my 1999 Bronze Powerbook G3. The solution I am told is to
> use yaboot/ybin.

        I /may/ eventually upgrade to yaboot to get XFree86 4.x (or use
        a 2.4 kernel).

> Documentation is a bit scattered,

        Yes, annoyingly so. I tried to find documentation for making
        Open Firmware scripts and didn't find anything except the stock
        ones that people use.

> ... but so far it looks like I will have to repartition my drive, or at least
> destroy my MacOS partition to get this working.

        Just try it on your existing MacOS partition. You may not need
        a separate boot partition.

        I played with this stuff briefly and I found that I couldn't get
        Open Firmware to recognize yaboot as something it can run unless
        I used the hfsutils and set the proper type/creator to make it
        appear as a MacOS ROM file.

        Note, however, that I have /not/ yet made the switch from BootX.
        (I actually /like/ the BootX interface much better with the cute

        You might also try playing with Apple's System Disk utility
        instead of yaboot. See:


        Also search the TIL for "System Disk."

        - Paul

        P.S.: This lack of documentation is a gripe about Terrasoft.
        They /should/ have all this stuff right on their web page and
        in their documentation. Instead, they have a mailing list
        archive that is fairly broken (double search results, or none)
        and a poor FAQ (where the stuff isn't even in the form of a
        question -- would never fly on Jeopardy). "What? System Disk
        can be used to boot Linux on a Mac? Quick! Update our web
        pages with the info!" But no... Sigh...

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