Re: Switching from BootX to yaboot

Subject: Re: Switching from BootX to yaboot
From: Nic Ferrier (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 20:57:29 MST

>>> Graham Leggett <> 22-Feb-01 3:49:03 AM >>>


I forgot to mention that you need to have the usual video line in
yaboot.conf. Thus yaboot.conf looks something like this:



This is what I have - it doesn't work very well right now coz 2 chars
on the left hand side of the screen are not viewable... this is
obviously a multi-sync setup thing.

There is some doc on the net on other video modes available on the
Mac. If you have problems with this setup let me know and I'll send
you something that works (when I get it working /8-)


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