sound configuration

Subject: sound configuration
From: Donn (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 21:16:01 MST

Where might one find the sndconfig that is asked for when attempting to
run the media apps?

I wanted to take this opportunity as well to thank everyone who
participates in answering questions posted on this list, especially it
seems one "Hollis".
I am making every attempt to learn linux by reading the materials I
manage to find, as well as picking apart what is already there. I am a
power Macintosh user (i.e. poweruser) but throwing the linux environment
at it is another learning curve! But it is proving to hold my attention,
as I still plow forward in my attempts to connect via the linux side of
my machine! :-) At least then I'll be able to do more research without
leaving the linux side...

cheers all!
Donn Tarris
Maple Ridge, BC

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