RE: Install on PowerBase 180?

Subject: RE: Install on PowerBase 180?
From: Cal Spooner (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 04:50:56 MST

Hi again.
you said:

>I know 500mb (actually 516) isn't much, I tried with a 450mb root and 66mb
>swap, and the installer said it would need 250mb of space to install. Will
>it still fail with those numbers? I've left out Gnome, KDE, etc. but there
>are some dependencies needed. I wouldn't think it would be too much though.
>(Or I could be way off. :)
> > >I'm wondering if there are any known problems with installing Champion
>> >Server (1.2.1 I believe) on a PowerComputing PowerBase 180.
>> >
>> >I've tried a number of installs and all have failed. It could be the
>> drive
>> >(an old 500 mb Quantum) but was wondering about other's PowerBase
>> >experiences. (I got as far as the mouse config on the most successful
>> >attempt, then that fails and I can't do anything else.)
>> You really need more drive space than that... my experience is that
>> 1GB comes up a little short, with the swap. It'll give you all kinds
>> of instabilities, with the mouse and conf nightmares... you need some
> > free space on that disk AFTER the install.

Define "install fails". What exactly fails? Lockup during package
install? Are you doing the CD install on an unreliable CD drive? If
it just seems to kinda hang at some arbitrary point, try a different
CD drive. Or the net install.

Also noted: Install always seems to take more space than it says it needs...

I've got an old Powerwave 604/150, the one with 2 nubus slots and 2
pci. If there was any PowerComputing box that would cause problems,
that would be it. I've had none. It has a Powerlogix G3 233
upgrade,and 240 Mb RAM. I installed Linux on a 2 GB external drive
w/no problems.

Cal Spooner

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