Any good newsreaders out there?

Subject: Any good newsreaders out there?
From: Cal Spooner (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 05:17:45 MST

Hey all,

I'm looking for that killer app (modern) newsreader that may or may
not be out there. I spend a lot of time on the Mac OS running YA
Newswatcher 5.x or Agent on PC.
While there are some newsreaders in most distributions, they are
incredibly lame in relation to the before mentioned, and others like
Thoth. Netscape News seems to be the best one in the box, apps like
Xrn don't even deserve mentioning. And all you can really do with
Netscape is look at dirty pictures. There are some threaded readers,
but the ability to download multi-part binaries and launch
attachments is basic to what I want to do on the nntp. Also there
isn't much for the multi-newsserver user. I have two services I
regularly use, with different authentications. Most unix readers
assume that your login is your username. I have gone so far as to
create new users to access my accounts, which is ridiculous. There is
a Linux i386 reader called "Glitter" that I would love to run, but
short of switching to an Intel box, thats the way it goes. Does
anyone have any suggestions?

Cal Spooner

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