Re: yup and bind update

Subject: Re: yup and bind update
From: Bryan Stillwell (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 11:24:49 MST

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 11:34:30AM -0300, carlos roberto bastos xavier wrote:
>Tank you Bryan, it worked fine to bind, but when I tryed to do te same
>with bind-utils the same thing hapened, and I've had alread cleaned the
>cache as follow:
> [root@risc /root]# rm -f /var/cache/yup/Champion*/*
>[root@risc /root]# yup install bind-utils
>Reading RPM database... (100%)
>Performing dependencies sanity check...
>Retrieving distribution information...
>Done transfering... 255B in 0.9s at 268B per/sec
>Retrieving initial package list...
>Done transfering... 669kB in 1.2s at 539kB per/sec
>Downloading package list updates...
>Done transfering... 113kB in 5.6s at 20.4kB per/sec
>Integrating updates into local package list...
>10 out of 58 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to yup.db.list.rej
>Reading package list... (95%)Traceback (innermost last):
> File "/usr/sbin/yup", line 29, in ?
> yup.main()
> File "", line 198, in main
> File "", line 739, in ReadRemoteList
> File "", line 262, in enterblock
>IndexError: End of block not found

It looks like your internet connection may be having problems or the
mirror you're using may be having problems. The problem lies in this
line from what I can see:

10 out of 58 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to yup.db.list.rej

This error message is from patch. Yup uses patch so that it can
differentiate from the original package list and the most recent package
list. However, if patch fails when applying the patch, yup will also

>I'll be glad to try the new version of yup for you.

You can download it from cvs off of sourceforge:

Feel free to join the yup mailing list if you would like to help out:

BTW, you can probably fix your problem by removing the cache again and
perhaps trying a different mirror.


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