Re: yup and bind update

Subject: Re: yup and bind update
From: Carlos Xavier (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 13:42:27 MST

Bryan Stillwell wrote:

> It looks like your internet connection may be having problems or the
> mirror you're using may be having problems. The problem lies in this
> line from what I can see:
> 10 out of 58 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to yup.db.list.rej
> This error message is from patch. Yup uses patch so that it can
> differentiate from the original package list and the most recent package
> list. However, if patch fails when applying the patch, yup will also
> fail.
> >I'll be glad to try the new version of yup for you.
> You can download it from cvs off of sourceforge:
> Feel free to join the yup mailing list if you would like to help out:
> BTW, you can probably fix your problem by removing the cache again and
> perhaps trying a different mirror.

I'm sorry for bothering you,

I removed yup and also bind-utils from my machine and started everything
again, it connected to the server and made it's update, but the error
remained. So I started to change the servers and no one worked to me,
then I changed my internet connection (I changed my ip and gateway to go
through another link) and the problem remained. I don't know what more i
can do.

Best regards,


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