X Questions

Subject: X Questions
From: Howard Shere (hshere@greendragon.com)
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 15:58:14 MST

Some simple (maybe) questions about X:

(not that I can use my system again)

1) How can I get it to remember my current screen mode for the next time I
run X?

2) How can I determine (after using the Command-Control + and - to change
screen modes) which resolution and color depth and scan rate I am at?

3) Is there a way to get programs running under X (netscape, terminal
windows, etc.) to remember window positions? It is really annoying to have
to reposition the windows each time I open them.

I am running enlightenment (I just typed enlightenment after the standard
install many moons ago) if that makes a difference.

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