Re: Bind 8.* to Bind 9

Subject: Re: Bind 8.* to Bind 9
From: Brice Ruth (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 16:36:33 MST

All I had to change was adding a TTL field at the top of each hosts
file. If you already have these, it should be seamless. BIND 8 kept
complaining that I didn't have TTL fields, but ran anyway (and I was
lazy) - apparently, BIND 9 is more picky.

The following did the trick for me:

$TTL 600
<start SOA record ...>


Neil Jolly wrote:
> Has anybody converted from Bind 8.* to Bind 9 yet? If so how hard was the
> conversion. I briefly read the readme files,with bind 9, and they mention
> that some records will work. I have quite a few records to change over, and
> just wondered how much work I'm in for.
> Neil
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