problem installing XFfree86-

Subject: problem installing XFfree86-
From: robert m (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 17:18:02 MST

So I'm trying to update xfree stuf and I have this problem:
error: failed dependencies: is needed by XFree86-
        xinitrc >= 2.9.8 is needed by XFree86-xdm-
        initscripts >= 5.20 is needed by XFree86-xfs-

Ok so I tried to find the deps and still had problems. I found libGL in
the Mesa packages on the installer CD but it won't install since it
conflicts with my current version of xfree. So I uninstalled xfree
installed Mesa for libGL, then I installed xinitrc-3.3-2.noarch.rpm and
initscripts-5.35-1h.ppc.rpm. after that my keyboard mapping was way
off. what do I need to do to satisfy the deps without making the rest
of my system go haywire?


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