Re: help loading eth1 driver

Subject: Re: help loading eth1 driver
From: cdowns (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 20:50:00 MST

sfp wrote:

> I'm trying to get YDL 1.2.1 to recognize an asante pci ethernet card.
> I've been trying to make some sense of the ethernet howtos. according
> to the asante website this card uses the tulip driver. I've looked in
> the /lib/modules directory and haven't found my card listed there or
> the tulip driver. can anyone clarifiy what I have to do? during
> booting it says it only recognizes the eth0. and ifconfig only lists
> eth0.
> sp

first try this command: lsmod ( i am not running this card just
showing you.)

to save time do this: insmod tulip ,and see if you get a positive reply,
if not recompile kernel with tulip support.

[root@scavenger /root]# insmod tulip
insmod: tulip: no module by that name found <---------- THIS IS WHAT
[root@scavenger /root]#

[root@scavenger /root]# lsmod
Module Size Used by
vmnet 15456 3
vmmon 17088 0 (unused)
xirc2ps_cs 13392 1
ds 6288 2 [xirc2ps_cs]
i82365 21824 2
pcmcia_core 44320 0 [xirc2ps_cs ds i82365]
maestro 27056 0 (unused)
soundcore 2608 2 [maestro]
[root@scavenger /root]#

and see if the module is loaded , if not you need to configure that
interface like so:

[root@scavenger /root]# cat /etc/conf.modules
alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
alias sound-slot-0 maestro
*** alias eth1 tulip < ------- you need to add this line.
[root@scavenger /root]#

now configure that interface like this.

[root@scavenger /root]# cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
<------ you will have to create ifcfg-eth1
[root@scavenger /root]#

than how ever you normally configure your interfaces via netcfg ,
netconfig, linuxconf or command line like i happen to do.

good luck


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