Netatalk 1.5pre4-1

Subject: Netatalk 1.5pre4-1
From: Luis Martnez (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 09:01:14 MST


Iīve installed netatalk as an RPM, and try to make it work unser RedHat 7.
Itīs working on another machine under YDL1.2.
First I can see "localhost" form a Macīs chooser (OS9), but cannot login as
any user.
I presume users are defined as Linux users.
If I login as guest I cannot see any hard disk.
I even try the webmin module, but no results.
I understand I must check the afpd.conf, papd.conf, atalkd.conf and
netatalk.conf, but didnīt find any result.
I have a YDL
Can anybody tell me something useful?

Thanks in advance,

Luis Martínez

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