Fwd: [alsa-user] PMac sound drivers now available

Subject: Fwd: [alsa-user] PMac sound drivers now available
From: D. Marcus Johnson (schwaahed@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 12:02:10 MST

Excellent news from the alsa-user list!!

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I just committed drivers for powermac on-board soundchips to CVS.

There are two versions of pmac drivers:
on ver.0.5.x there is only a monolithic driver, named snd-card-awacs,
while ver.0.9 has three drivers, snd-card-pmac, snd-card-imac and
snd-card-ibook, corresponding to each interface.

Please note that the ver.0.9 drivers are not tested at all! :)
(the ver.0.5 driver has been well tested, though)

I'll debug v0.9 drivers soon later. Please wait for a moment..
(Or help debugging/development :)


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