Re: Problem with fbdev and 16bpp

Subject: Re: Problem with fbdev and 16bpp
From: Sean Riley (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 17:54:40 MST

I did get this, kind of :-)

I found some posts where they mention that the fbdev device does not support 16 bpp, but will do 15 bpp. I make a quick change to my XF86Config and whala it seems to be working.

I now have 2 questions for you all

1) What the heck is 15bpp ? Will apps that require 16bpp have issues ? (i.e Real Player video)

2) How can I get a modeline for 1152 x 864 (The resolution the Mac runs under ?

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  From: Sean Riley
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  Subject: Problem with fbdev and 16bpp

  I have a 8600, and X dumps every time I try and start it with 16 set for color depth in the XF86Config. I can get it to run 1024x768 at 8 just fine.

  I assume there is a work around, I saw an alusion to one on a Rage + X page.
  I have searched high and low, and have not found an answer to this issue. Can someone point me in the right direction ?


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