RE: recompiling kernel on RS/6000...

Subject: RE: recompiling kernel on RS/6000...
From: Kevin Hall (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 08:49:24 MST

Okay, this is what I did to get it installed. I followed those instructions
at the faq_rs6k.shtml on yellowdog's site and when I booted with the zImage
from my system booted, but without any
modules because the directory in /lib/modules/ is listed as a different
kernel version. But nonetheless, it booted a working linux kernel straight
from the kernel. From there I installed from my ISO of 1.2.1 but I continued
to only boot from the zImage on the initial boot disk. Perhaps your scsi
card isn't supported with the boot disk kernel? I didn't have any scsi
related problems. But if you CAN boot with the boot disk then you can
recompile a new kernel version and try to get the scsi to work. To do this,
do all the standard compiling junk (make clean, make menuconfig, make dep,
etc.) and then grab the kernel out of the /src/linux/kernel/ppc/chrpboot/ (i
think that might be right) directory and then move that into /boot/ being
sure to preserve the old kernel. I renamed the old kernel and named the new
kernel into descriptive kernel names like zImage-2.2.18 or whatever, and
then I put a symbolic link (ln -s zImage) to point to the new kernel. Then
copy the from /src/linux/ to /boot/ and that should be it.
However, on my f50 I got some error upon bootup so today I get to fix that.
Lemme know if you can boot with the initial zImage.

Good luck guys,

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Kevin Hall gDG

> Hi, I have a RS/6000 F50 7025 on which I recently installed
Champion Server
> 1.2.1

Sorry, I could not answer your question.
But I had followed the instructions at
to install Champion Server 1.2 on RS/6000 F50 7025 ,
It still can't boot successfully. It repeated:

SCSI host 0 abort (pid0) timeout - resetting
SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0
sym53c8xx_reset: pid=0 reset_flags=2 serial_number=1
and then rebooted automatically.

Could you tell me how do you installed CS 1.2.1 on F50?

Thank you in advance!

Chih-Chang Hsieh

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