Re: Hello?

Subject: Re: Hello?
From: Kevin B. Hendricks (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 07:27:59 MST

Hi Jason,

On Wednesday 03 January 2001 09:11, Jason McIntosh wrote:
> Is there anyone out there on the list currently? Can anyone update me on
> current plans? Status? Etc.?
> Thanks,
> Jason

Yes, there are still some people on the list (at least I am) but little to no
traffic at all. :-(

Most of the activity being done by developers seems to come up on the
linuxppc-dev or workstation lists if you are looking for distribution
independent development information.

As for Yellowdog, I sincerely hope they are planning to release a 2.4
pre-release kernel, completely glibc 2.2 based, XF4.0.2, latest gnome, KDE
2.0.1, latest 2.95.3 gcc, binutils, all the rest of the updated
RedHat 7.0 rpms (but built with gcc 2.95.3!), latest OpenMotif, latest JDK,
latest OpenOffice, ... distribution any minute now!

Hey soon will we see a glibc-22 based, RedHat 7.0 equivalent, built
with Franz's latest gcc-2.95.3, and H.J.Lu's binutils, and shipping with 2.4
pre-release (and 2.2.18 for those not yet ready to make the leap) etc ready
for shipping?

I am holding my breath!


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